The Air Agents started out as a group of creatives, techies, property owners, media and finance professionals from London that decided to convert their own Airbnb rentals into a business.

Francis and Mark are the directors and run things day-to-day -“We love London and are really passionate about the potential of the ‘sharing economy’ - the idea of using under-utilised residential accommodation or even just helping to pay for your holiday whilst you’re away is really compelling to us”
Darren is the General Manager in Bristol - “I love Bristol, it has amazing culture, food, wine and headline events. It’s no surprise that they rank highly as the most liveable and visited European cities. Bristol tourism alone is worth a staggering £1.3billion. I’m so lucky I live here, and it is my mission to help more people from the UK and the world have the opportunity to experience what I get to enjoy on a day-to-day basis.”

Our goal is to work with property owners in partnership to maximise their earnings whilst providing their guests fantastic service and an awesome stay in their London home away from home.