So where CAN I afford to buy in London?

You’re a Londoner with a job and aspirations to actually own a place to live instead of paying somebody else a fortune every month?

Well you’re not the only one… this weeks blog looks at where is left to live in the capital that is actually affordable and (how to put it delicately?)... somewhere you’d actually want to live.

We examined one and two bed average house prices in the 127 London postcodes, looking at areas where you can pick something up for under 300k, 250k and finally 200k.

Whilst there’s no shortage of areas restricted to your made-in-Chelsea-daddy-bought-me-a-penthouse types, the ‘good’ news is that there are a full 39 postcodes averaging under 300k for a 1BD coming down to 14 for properties under 250k and even two areas costing less than 200k….. thanks BR4 and BR7! (wherever that is..)

On the 2BD side it's predictably rather bleak out there, that said there are still six areas where you can get your foot on the ladder for under 300k. But before you decide all hope is lost and move to the Shetland Islands, remember the data is an average sample so it's entirely possible you’ll find a 2BD within your budget somewhere not listed below; but if that's in South Ken best double check it's got a roof before you buy it.

See below for the full results and our top picks of areas you might consider living; taking into account commuting distance to central London, nice local pubs and restaurants, community feel and our arbitrary take on where would be good to live based on talking to people in pubs..


* Data taken from, sample is an average of prices from the 11k properties listed on their site

* The Air Agents recommend readers do their own research on the areas listed and are not responsible for the accuracy of the data


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