Airbnb host? Expert tips to earn more 5-star reviews!

John Lewis have launched their £925 Airbnb host pack, is this really necessary?

There are many ways of defining a ‘craze’. But when John Lewis starts selling an ‘Airbnb starter kit’ for £925, we’d say that's a pretty good indication London is in the midst of a holiday lettings frenzy.

Yes Airbnb is here to stay. Londoners are waking up to the opportunity of being able to pay for your holiday whilst actually being on it.. a neat idea for sure but for every person you hear who's making a killing, there are many more looking at their empty inbox wondering what all the fuss was about.

But fear not there is no need to fork out a grand to put you ahead of the pack! Our insatiable appetite for 5* reviews has taught us a few things about hosting and we want to share these with you. Just follow our 6 hot tips for Airbnb hosts and you'll be checking-in smiley German tourists in no time at all.

  • Photos - Absolutely key. Consider getting a professional to take them or at the very least a friend with a tripod and decent camera. Choose a sunny day and remove all clutter from sight
  • Linen - A comfy mattress and good linen are also a must. Aim for at least 250 thread count and use a laundrette to properly wash sheets on a high temperature. Always choose white linen and iron (or better yet press) those sheets
  • Kitsch - Get yourself some union jack pillows, colourful bed throws, pictures of red phone boxes and such like. Ok, for us locals this stuff is pretty cheesy but it really can make all the difference as guests choose somewhere to book. These can all be bought for minimal expense - sorry John Lewis but £925 is rather on the steep side!
  • Advice - You can't beat a bit of local knowledge. Tourists love the idea of ‘living like a local’ but ending up in Pret for lunch probably won't make memories that last a lifetime. Tell them about your favourite backstreet boozer or corner cafe and their stay will be made extra special
  • Treats - Welcome chocs (or champagne if you want to go big!), morning croissants, fresh milk. A simple, inexpensive way to butter up those guests
  • Reviews - Apply the rule ‘dont ask, dont get’, theres nothing wrong with asking for a good write up especially if you’ve made a big effort and really deserve it.

Following these simple tips should get all you aspiring hosts off to a good start. However if the extra money sounds appealing but all the hassle does not, you can always get a specialist property manager to take care of everything for you!